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Automatic packaging machine to high-end transition has become a development trend
Publisher:大瑞机械 Source: Published:2016-8-31

In recent years, automatic packaging machine to high-end transition has gradually revealed its strong momentum of development, the degree of automation, intelligent devices would increase greatly. Therefore, domestic production enterprises fully automatic packaging machine was approaching the test of industry transformation and upgrading. In recent five years, China's food and fully automatic packaging machine industry in 1112 the average annual growth rate, with the improvement of people's living standard, the demand for food increases, the food packaging must have higher requirements and greater demand, the future is bound to food and fully automatic packaging machine industry will usher in a rare development opportunity.

On the premise of fully automatic packaging machine development, still can see the contradictions in the fully automatic packaging machine industry, enterprises could not cope with the changes of the situation, the industry development ideas and development does not adapt situation; Technology innovation ability is weak, technology progress, new product development has not been fundamentally get rid of the situation imitation research track, competitiveness is not strong, and efficiency of economic growth improve still is driven by size.

Good times, therefore, in the current policy, domestic automatic packing machine is actively to carry on the transformation and upgrading, to high-end, intelligent automatic packaging machine into professional packing line field, to adapt to the current of the rapid expansion of the food, pharmaceutical and other industries, for better market opportunity.

Automatic packaging machine development prospect is very optimistic, but only a breakthrough in innovation constantly, to keep up with the change of demand, to grasp the market initiative, to promote industry toward high-end, intelligent direction.