National standard vacuum packaging machine
 DZ - 600/2 s automatic lid vacuum packaging machine (double tank vacuum packing machine)
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DZ - 600/2 s automatic lid vacuum packaging machine 

(double tank vacuum packing machine)


Technical data

Suitable for packaging products: food, health care products, precious metals, electronic components, solar cells, etc

Machine appearance size: 1400 * 720 * 950 mm

Vacuum chamber size: 690 * 620 * 160 mm

The sealing line length: 600 mm x 4

The sealing line width: 6-10 mm

The sealing line spacing: 500 mm

Voltage: the stability of the 380-440 v

Frequency: 50/60 hz

Electrical connections: 3 x400v + N + E 3 kw

32 a maximum current:

Speed: vacuum 2-5 times/min

Vacuum pump oil label: VG100